Gold Standard Natural Paddock Grass Seed


Gold Standard Natural Paddock Grass Seed

✔ Safe healthy grazing
✔ Contains wildflowers & herbs
✖ No perennial ryegrass
✖ No yarrow
1 Bag/13.5kg per Acre (reseeding)
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Sow at 13.5 kilos per acre.

Our natural horsemanship gold standard pasture mix contains a wide variety of grass species as well as horse-friendly wildflowers and herbs to give your horse and pony a balanced diet rich in trace minerals.

Perfect for establishing new species-rich pastures, this ryegrass-free, premium grass seed blend guarantees exceptional grazing results to keep your horses healthy and happy.

Offering the best resilience to intensive grazing, trampling and adverse weather conditions, these carefully selected grass varieties have strong root systems to help withstand heavy horse traffic and to protect your soil from the effects of erosion, giving you a sustainable and long-lasting pasture.

Separate blends of this mix are available for heavy-to-medium soil and for light soil.  While both blends contain the same reliable grass species, we have adjusted the quantities in each depending on whether your soil is light or heavy-to-medium, to ensure you get the best grazing environment and the highest yields.

Natural horsemanship mixes omit perennial ryegrass as the high level of sugars in this grass species is thought to contribute to an increased risk of laminitis in your horse or pony.  If left unchecked, this vigorous species can outcompete the beneficial wildflowers and herbs in your sward.

The gold standard mix contains timothy which adds to the palatability, cocksfoot which copes well with drought, smooth-stalked meadow grass and creeping red fescue which can help reduce poaching, and wildflowers and perennial forage herbs for a balanced diet.

Species LIGHT Soils HEAVY Soils
Common Name Variety % Breakdown % Breakdown
Meadow Fescue Pardus 7% 21%
Smooth Stalk Meadow Grass Sunbeam     19% 19%
Timothy Polar King 17% 13%
Cocksfoot Amber 7% 4%
Creeping Red Fescue Maximo 21% 19%
Slender Creeping Red Fescue Samanta 7% 7%
Chewings Fescue Greenfield 15% 10%
Mixed Herbs 4% 4%
Wild Flowers 3% 3%

Wildflowers included: Kidney Vetch, Sainfoin, Ribwort plantain, Wild Carrot, Meadowsweet, Lady's Bedstraw, Lucerne, Salad Burnet, Dandelion

Herbs included: Sainfoin, Sheeps Parsley, Sheeps Burnet, Ribgrass & Fenugreek

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