Giant Snowdrop Bulbs | Galanthus elwesii

Giant Snowdrop Bulbs | Galanthus elwesii

  • Early flowering perennial
  • Ideal for naturalising in grass
  • Favours shady moist soils
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Giant Snowdrop Galanthus elwesii

Common names include, greater snowdrop, giant snowdrop and Elwes's snowdrop.

This early flowering perennial originated from eastern Asia.  It has honey-scented nodding small white flowers and is one of the earliest signs of spring.  Giant snowdrops prefer moist well-drained soil in partial shade and are ideal for naturalising in woodland plantings, under trees and shrubs.  Alternatively, their drooping flowers can be more clearly seen when planted on walls or banks.

Plant your giant snowdrop bulbs around 10cm below the surface of the soil.  Please note, giant snowdrops might take a couple of years to establish.

Our highest-quality wildflower and meadow bulbs are grown in the UK from British plants.

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