Field Scabious 9cm Pot Plants | Knautia arvensis

SKU: MAS-9CP09-5-plants

Field Scabious 9cm Pot Plants | Knautia arvensis

SKU: MAS-9CP09-5-plants
  • Perennial species
  • Quick & easy-to-grow
  • Great for pollinators and birds
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Field Scabious 9cm Pot Plants Knautia arvensis

Common names include gypsy rose and blue button.

A perennial native wildflower species which produces an abundance of blue to blue-violet pin cushion flowers from June through to September.

Field scabious will grow in most well-drained soil types although prefers slightly alkaline soils.  Plant in a sunny spot in a wildflower meadow or garden border.

This meadow wildflower species is ideal for a wildlife garden, providing food for pollinators and seed-eating birds like finches.

Sourced from native seed and grown in the UK, our 9cm pot plants are a quick and effective way to boost species in a wildflower meadow.

We recommend planting around 3 plants per metre square in groups of at least 3 per species for a naturalistic look.

Colour Blue
Height 60 - 80cm
Latin name Knautia arvensis
Season June to September
Setting Most soil types
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