Quality Seed Mix For A Family Lawn

SKU: AM9-2

Quality Seed Mix For A Family Lawn

SKU: AM9-2
High-quality, hard-wearing lawn
✔ Easy-to-establish
Reseeding: 40g per/m², Overseeding 20g per/m².
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Transform your family's outside space into a lush, easy-to-maintain lawn with our Quality Seed Mix for a Family Lawn.

Carefully crafted from the finest and most resilient grass species, our Family Lawn Seed Mix is the perfect grass seed to transform your lawn into a durable and beautiful family space.

Guaranteed to flourish in various climates and soil conditions, our Family Lawn Mix will produce a child and pet-friendly, dense, year-round lawn that's perfect for playtime and picnics.


Setting sun
Species %
Amenity Perennial ryegrass 55.0
Chewings Fescue 15.0
Slender creeping red fescue 25.0
Browntop bent 5.0
TOTAL 100.0
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