Betony Plug Plants | Stachys officinalis

SKU: MAS-PP2-10-plugs

Betony Plug Plants | Stachys officinalis

SKU: MAS-PP2-10-plugs
  • Perennial species
  • 40cc plugs
  • Likes heavy soils and damp sites
  • Great for pollinators
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Betony Plug Plants Stachys officinalis

Common names include, purple betony, wood betony and bishop's wort.

Brighten your garden, woodland floor or wildflower meadow with this distinctive perennial native wildflower.  Betony's attractive purple-red flowers can be seen from mid-summer through to September so it is useful for colour, and for pollinators, late in the growing season.

Betony prefers heavy soils and damp sites, but not waterlogged and is at home in woodland or by riverbanks.

Our strong, healthy plants are grown in 40cc cell trays and are ready to be planted in their final position.

Sourced from native seed and grown for us in the UK, our plug plants are an ideal way to boost species in a wildflower meadow or to easily establish plants in your garden or in areas where seed germination can be erratic.

We recommend planting 5 plugs per metre square in groups of at least 3 per species for a naturalistic look.

Colour Purple/red
Height 10-60 cm
Latin name Stachys officinalis
Season June-August
Setting Shade/clay
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