Grass, Herbs & Wild Flower Basic Mix

SKU: MAS-C3-5-kilos
Grass, Herbs & Wild Flower Basic Mix

Grass, Herbs & Wild Flower Basic Mix

SKU: MAS-C3-5-kilos
Simple wildflower meadow seed mix
✔Grass, wildflowers & herbs
✔Sow spring or autumn
✔Low-cost option
Sow at 10kg per acre
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Our basic Grass, Herbs and Wildflower Mix is designed to be a low-cost option for larger areas.  Largely made up of slow-to-establish, non-competitive species, once established this meadow is easy to manage and will create an excellent habitat for wildlife. 

Carefully selected grass varieties create a resilient, textured base which is complemented by the herbs and native wildflowers. 

Promote biodiversity and help maintain a healthy ecosystem with our basic meadow mix containing grasses, herbs and wildflowers.

There is no VAT on this mixture.

Colour Range
Height 10cm-1 metre
Season May-September
Setting Sun Poor soils

Strong Creeping Red Fescue, Crested dogstail, Chewings fescue, Slender Creeping red fescue and Browntop Bent. 90%

Mixed herbs Sheeps Burnet, Sainfoin, Ribwort plantain, Sheeps Parsley Yarrow and Fenugreek 5.1%

Wild flowers, Field Poppy, Lesser Knapweed, Red & White Campion, Self heal, Ox eye daisy. 4.9%

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