Amenity Lawn Grass Seed For Sports Pitches

SKU: AM7-10

Amenity Lawn Grass Seed For Sports Pitches

SKU: AM7-10
✔Ideal for general purpose sports field
✔Quick to establish
Reseeding: 50g per/m², Overseeding: 25g per/m².
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From sports pitches and parks to community areas and open spaces, our amenity lawn for sports pitches seed mix is engineered to excel in a variety of settings.

Designed to meet the unique demands of general sports fields, our general purpose sports pitches grass seed mix produces a resilient and high-performing surface suitable for a wide range of sports and leisure activities.

Particularly durable and capable of withstanding the rigours of team sports, the lawn will recover in the spring from hard winter wear and tear.

Whether you are renovating an existing field, or creating a brand new sports pitch, our sports field seed mix will germinate and establish quickly and is designed to thrive in diverse weather conditions, giving a year-round resilient playing surface.

Lowest recommended mowing height 25mm.


Amenity perennial Greenglide 25.0
Amenity perennial Fancy 25.0
Amenity Perennial Concerto 25.0
Amenity Perennial Esquire 25.0
TOTAL 100.0
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