Permanent Pasture For 5 Years Plus Acre


Permanent Pasture For 5 Years Plus Acre

✔ Outstanding long-term pasture ley
✔ Quick-to-establish
✔ High-quality forage
✔ Good for silage & hay production
Sow at 1 bag/14kg per acre
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An outstanding long-term pasture ley, our permanent pasture for 5 years plus seed mix is specifically designed for extended grazing, offering a reliable and sustainable source of forage for your cows over a period of 5 years or more.

Once established, the permanent pasture requires minimal maintenance, reducing the need for frequent reseeding and the associated costs.

Our permanent pasture grass seed mix provides a continuous and consistent supply of high-quality forage throughout the grazing season giving your cows access to nutritious feed year-round.

While ideal for grazing, our permanent pasture mix can also be used for hay or silage production if needed.

Our Permanent Pasture Acre Seed Mix offers long-term sustainability, low maintenance, consistent forage supply and nutrient-rich forage.  It’s the perfect choice for cattle owners looking to establish a reliable and enduring source of forage for their cows, ensuring their health and productivity over an extended period.

Perennial ryegrass Int 3.5kgs
Perennial ryegrass Int TET 2.1kgs
Perennial Ryegrass late DIp 2.8kgs
Tet perennial Ryegrass late 3.5kgs
Timothy 1.12kgs
White clover   0.98 kgs
TOTAL 14.0/ac
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