Gold Dragon Grass Seed Mix For Long Term Grazing Acre


Gold Dragon Grass Seed Mix For Long Term Grazing Acre

✔Traditional long-term grass ley
✔ Diverse range of grass species
✔ Hard wearing
Sow at 1 bag/14kg per acre
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Our Gold Dragon Grass Seed Mix for Long Term Grazing is designed to provide a diverse and balanced diet for grazing cows.  It includes a combination of grass species, mixed herbs and clover which offer a nutrient-rich forage source.  This ensures that your cows receive the essential carbohydrates, proteins and fibre needed for optimal health and milk production (in dairy cows).

Carefully curated to provide a consistent and abundant supply of high-quality forage throughout the grazing season, our grass ley mix allows your cows to graze comfortably without shortages to improve productivity.  The species included in the mix are known for their resilience to grazing and cutting, ensuring your pasture remains productive year after year.

Our grass ley seed mix for grazing cows supports biodiversity by providing a habitat for a variety of plant species, insects and wildlife.  This promotes a healthier farm ecosystem and can be beneficial to pollinators.

By choosing our seed mix for long-term grazing you’ll be making an investment in the health and productivity of your cattle while also contributing to the long-term sustainability of your land.

Species Kilos
Tet Hybrid ryegrass   2.0kgs
Perennial ryegrass   2.0kgs
Perennial ryegrass   3.0kgs
Cocksfoot   2.5kgs
Timothy   1.5kgs
Mixed herbs      0.5kgs
Alsike clover   0.5kgs
Late Fl red clover   1.5kgs
White clover   0.5kgs
Wild white clover    0.1kgs
TOTAL   14.1/ac
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