Demeter Grassland Management Grass Mix


Demeter Grassland Management Grass Mix

Safe extensive grazing for your horse or pony
✔ Reduce the impact of poaching
✔ Nutrient-rich
✖ No perennial ryegrass
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Sow at 10 kilos to the acre if renovating an existing pasture and 15 kilos to the acre if sowing a new pasture.

This specially blended grass seed mix for horse paddocks developed by Garry Holter of Demeter Grassland Management will produce long-term, nutrient-rich grazing for your horse or pony.

This natural horsemanship mix comprises a blend of fine grasses which are resistant to trampling and extreme grazing pressure, and which will increase the diversity of species in your ley.

Natural horsemanship mixes omit perennial ryegrass as the high level of sugars in this grass species is thought to contribute to an increased risk of laminitis in your horse or pony.  If left unchecked, this vigorous species can outcompete the beneficial wildflowers and herbs in your sward.

Sheeps Fescue 20%
Chewings Fescue 30%
Timothy 20%
Slender Creeping red fescue 20%
Browntop Bent 8%
Yorkshire Fog 2%
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