Clustered Bellflower 9cm Pot Plants | Campanula glomerata

SKU: MAS-9CP03-5-plants

Clustered Bellflower 9cm Pot Plants | Campanula glomerata

SKU: MAS-9CP03-5-plants
  • Perennial species
  • Likes chalky soil
  • Great for pollinators
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Clustered Bellflower 9cm Pot Plants Campanula glomerata

Also known as Dane's Blood.

Clustered bellflower thrives in a sunny site on light dry grassland and is well-suited to chalk and limestone soils. A perennial native wildflower with clusters of attractive violet bell-shaped blooms from June through to September, clustered bellflower is an ideal addition to cottage and informal gardens, rock gardens, and for naturalising in woodland and wildflower meadows.  It can be found in the wild in forests or dry grasslands, open woodland and along the margins of roads and trails.

Clustered bellflower is an excellent nectar source for bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects and can be found on the RHS list of Plants for Pollinators.

Sourced from native seed and grown for us in the UK, our 9cm pot plants are a quick and effective way to boost species in a wildflower meadow.

We recommend planting around 3 plants per metre square in groups of at least 3 per species for a naturalistic look.

Colour Voilet
Height Up to 60 cm
Latin name Campanula glomerata
Season June to September
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